How to Level the Cutting Deck of Your Riding Lawn Mower

Length of Clip: 01:45

This video will show you how to level the cutting deck on your Troy-Bilt riding mower.  Depending on your model, the instructions in this video may vary slightly.  Always be sure to check your operator's manual for detailed instructions.


Step 1

Be sure the mower is on a flat level surface and engage the parking brake. Turn the engine off and make sure it is cool. Remove the ignition key. Remove the spark plug ignition wire. 

Step 2

To level the deck from the front to rear, place the deck lift lever in the middle position.

Step 3

Wearing gloves, rotate the blade closest to the discharge chute parallel to the lawn mower.

Step 4

Measure the height of the front blade tip to the ground. Next, measure the height of the rear blade tip to the ground. Refer to your operator's manual for proper height differences between front and rear.

Step 5

Tighten the hex nut to raise the front of the deck.

Step 6

Loosen the hex nut to lower the front of the deck.

Step 7

Wearing gloves for protection, level the deck from side to side by rotating the blades perpendicular to the lawn mower.

Step 8

Measure the height of the blade tips on each side of the deck from the ground.

Step 9

Adjust the deck by loosening the hex bolt on the left hangar bracket.

Step 10

Raise or lower the deck by turning the adjustment gear.

Step 11

When both blade tips have the same measurement from the ground, tighten the hex bolt.

Step 12

Reconnect the spark plug ignition wire.

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