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The TriAction Cutting System

The TriAction® cutting system was engineered to deliver a clean, even cut every time. It also includes an improved bag with a bigger opening to collect and empty clippings more easily. It works in three steps:

  • Rake Guard. Before the grass even meets the blade, it passes through the rake guard. This stands grass upright, so every blade is cut perfectly. S-Blade As grass passes under the cutting deck, the
  • S-blade. creates an even cut, while also creating lift for better circulation. It also extends to the sides of the deck to create a wider cut.
  • Symmetrical Deck. Another key feature on Troy-Bilt® walk-behind mowers are the cutting decks, which are stamped in a symmetrical circle. This completely smooth surface creates a strong vacuum that allows grass clippings to circulate freely for better mulching and easier discharging.

These three features work together to create a clean, even cut every time. The TriAction® cutting system comes standard on all Troy-Bilt walk-behind mowers.