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woman tilling her backyard garden

Your Garden.

Our line of simple-to-use cultivators will keep your dream garden growing for years to come.


Features available on select models.

Woman cultivating garden with Troy-Bilt gas-powered cultivator
Easy Starting

Designed for easy pull-starts, Troy-Bilt gas-powered garden cultivators come with SpringAssist® technology.

Man cultivating soil with Troy-Bilt garden cultivator
Steel Tines

Troy-Bilt® garden cultivators feature adjustable cultivating widths and durable steel tines designed for reliable performance.

Woman using gas-powered cultivator to cultivate garden soil for planting
Lightweight and Maneuverable

Our garden cultivators are lightweight for easy operation and easy storage. Transport wheels allow for easy transport and maneuverability around the yard.

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Cultivator vs. tiller: Which is the right one to use for your yard? Learn the differences between tillers and cultivators to help with your projects for spring.

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Watch a video with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare soil for raised garden beds to help get you ready for planting or seeding.

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Learn how to amend clay soil and turn it into a mixture plants thrive in with these helpful tips on amending clay soil from Troy-Bilt.

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Digging and preparing a new garden bed is best done as a fall chore, since it will loosen the soil and many of the weeds will die off during the winter. This will reduce the amount of weeds that will pop up in the spring.

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