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how to choose a snow blower
Snow Blowers

How to Choose a Snow Blower This Winter

When choosing a snow blower, consider the amount of snowfall you expect, the size and type of terrain you’re clearing, and the operational features of the equipment that can help make the job easier for you.
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End-of-Year Lawn Care Tips

Late fall is the perfect time to tackle a range of fall lawn maintenance tasks in preparation for winter and spring, such as pruning trees, aerating the lawn, fertilizing, and clearing fallen leaves and debris.
lineup of troy bilt snow blowers
Snow Blowers

Troy-Bilt's guide to the perfect snow blower

Whether you get light snowfalls, more than a foot of heavy, wet snow or you get it worse than anyone else, there’s a Troy-Bilt® snow blower to clear the way. The Troy-Bilt Snow Blower guide will help you choose the right snow blower for you.
man using leaf blower towards ground
Leaf Blowers

How Do I Select a Leaf Blower?

When selecting a gas-powered leaf blower, consider factors like engine type, air power and speed, the types of controls and drive systems offered, and your yard’s size and cleanup needs.
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Tough Cutting, Easy Handling

Troy-Bilt chainsaws deliver the power you need to tackle tough cutting jobs with easier pull starts, better control and greater comfort. Find out which one is best for you.
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From finding the right products to finding the right time to mow, Troy-Bilt® has the answers you need.
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Leaf removal can be a hard task. Learn about different methods to make leaf cleanup quicker and easier with these tips from Troy-Bilt.

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Chipper shredder vacuums are the ideal tool for yard debris cleanup. Find chipper shredder vacuum and yard debris cleanup tips from Troy-Bilt.

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In anticipation of colder weather, get your walk-behind lawn mower ready for storage with these maintenance tips.

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Follow these directions to prepare your snow blower for winter use.

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Differences Between Single-Stage and Two-Stage Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers

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Whether it is a push mower or a self-propelled mower, storing it properly in the off season will help make it easy to start it up in the spring. Follow these simple off season storage tips.

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Protect your plants from all that winter brings with these insulation methods

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Removing lawn thatch will keep your lawn healthy and attractive. Learn how to dethatch your lawn with these helpful tips from Troy-Bilt.

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In anticipation of the upcoming season, get your leaf blower ready with these maintenance tips so you’re ready for fall.

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Learn how to spot and treat common winter lawn issues with these damage control and prevention tips.

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Keep your lawn looking clean and beautiful throughout the fall season with these leaf removal tips and equipment recommendations from Troy-Bilt.

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A zero-turn lawn mower can be your go-to lawn care tool for years, as long as you don’t neglect routine maintenance. Follow this maintenance schedule and oil change tips to ensure that your zero-turn lawn mower is tuned up to ride smoothly for years to come.

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A waterlogged lawn can cause many problems for your grass. Here are a few steps to take to begin the rebuilding process and get your lawn back in shape.

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