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How Much Maintenance Does a Zero-Turn Mower Need?

How Much Maintenance Does a Zero-Turn Mower Need?

When properly cared for, zero-turn lawn mowers can be your go-to lawn care tool for years. So to keep your mower riding smoothly, follow the zero-turn mower oil change and maintenance schedule below as a guide, then keep reading for a few tips on how to get the most from your riding mower. Always consult your operator’s manual for the complete and detailed maintenance schedule and instructions specific to your model, and always wear the appropriate protective equipment when performing maintenance.

Maintenance before each use:  

Before using your zero-turn riding mower you should check and maintain a few components to ensure they’re free of debris and in proper working condition:

  • Check the engine intake screen and cover and clean if necessary
  • Check the engine oil level
  • Check the air filter for dirty, loose or damaged parts 
  • Check and clean the underside of the deck

Every 10 hours:

  • Clean the battery terminals
  • Check the mower blade and sharpen or replace as needed
  • Check the tire pressure
  • Lube the front pivot axle and caster axles

Every 25 hours

  • Clean and re-oil the precleaner, if applicable on your unit
  • Check the deck level and pitch and adjust if necessary
  • Clean the engine cooling fins

Every 50 hours

  • Change the engine oil and replace the oil filter
  • Lube the deck wheels
  • Check the belts and pulleys for damage or wear

Every 100 hours

  • Replace the air filter element
  • Check the spark plug condition and gap
  • Replace the fuel filter

Every 200 hours

  • Check the transmission fluid and add fluid or change as needed

Prior to storing

  • Clean the battery terminals
  • Lube the front pivot axle and caster axles
  • Clean the engine cooling fins
  • Lube the deck wheels
  • Check the spark plug condition and gap

Zero-Turn Mower Maintenance Tips

Use these tips to keep your zero-turn mower running strong for years to come:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. The recommendations not only keep your mower running well, they make it safe to ride. Neglecting a step could cause the mower to malfunction, and potentially cause an injury. If you need help finding time for maintenance, you can use Troy-Bilt’s Voice Assistant Skills to help you get it scheduled.
  • If you can’t locate your operator’s manual, you may be able to download a copy online. Downloadable manuals for Troy-Bilt zero turn mowers can be found on the specific product pages in the “Specs & Maintenance” section.
  • If you’re not sure how to do any of the procedures mentioned above, such as checking the spark plug gap, you can use our step-by-step lawn mower how-to articles or take your mower (or the plug) to a local servicing dealer.
  • Keep a calendar of when each maintenance check was last performed, so you never forget to change the oil or lube the deck wheels.