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FLEX Power Base Frequently Asked Questions

FLEX Power Base Frequently Asked Questions

This state-of-the-art FLEX power base is a 208cc OHV, all-season 4-cycle engine. The rugged Latch 'n LockTM system has endured the Troy-Bilt test of quality, with hundreds of hours of accelerated use and is fully integrated with a self-propelled transmission for easy operation.

What size engine does the FLEX Power Base have? 208cc all season Troy-Bilt OHV Engine with air filter selector valve for summer and winter operation.

What is the ground speed of the FLEX Power Base? You control the speed of the Flex Power Base. It is designed with a variable speed control lever, giving the unit a range from 0-3.0 MPH, which is slightly faster than most Troy-Bilt walk-behind mowers.

How much fuel does the FLEX Power Base fuel tank hold? The Flex has a fuel tank that holds .66 gallon, which is very similar to most of our Troy-Bilt snow blowers.

What is the FLEX Power Base warranty? 4-year limited warranty.

What does the roll over valve on the FLEX Power Base engine do? The roll-over valve is part of the evaporative emissions system. It allows the fuel tank to vent through a hose that is connected to the air filter housing. It will also close the vent if the unit is tipped over to help prevent fuel from leaking out.

What does the kick stand do on the FLEX Power Base? The kick stand has two functions, one is to support the power base when there is no attachment installed, and second is to activate the Latch 'n LockTM system locking latches to secure the attachment to the Power Base. Putting the kickstand down unlatches the attachment. Putting the kickstand up allows the attachment to latch.

What is the air cleaner selector valve on the FLEX Power Base? The selector allows the owner to control how the air enters the air filter housing based on weather conditions. In the summer position, the cooler air enters the air filter housing. In winter position, the valve is rotated and warm air is drawn in from over the muffler area. This pre-heated air prevents the air filter from freezing.