How to Trim Your Lawn

The key to maintaining a manicured yard this summer is to give your lawn a clean trim each time after you mow. Lawns can get out of control fast and look messy when grass begins to grow over the driveway, sidewalk and garden beds. One way to boost instant curb appeal from onlookers is to invest in a quality edger.

Consider these tips on how to trim a lawn to give it the fresh, crisp look it deserves.

  • Spade or hoe: By using a spade or hoe, you can manually cut an edge between the grass and your sidewalk, driveway or landscape bed. This process can be very work-intensive and take a long time to complete.
  • Electric or battery edgers: These types of edgers require no fuel or oil to operate and get the job done much faster and easier than manual efforts. Electric edgers must be connected to a heavy duty outdoor extension cord while operating.
  • Gas edgers: Gas edgers provide the most power and versatility for creating that finished look to your yard. Look for edgers with curb wheel attachments like the TB554 Gas Lawn Edger for easier edging around raised surfaces and beveling options to adjust the angle of the edge being created.


Here are a few other edging tips to help you with your lawn trimming and put the finishing touches on your yard:

  • Remove all debris from the area before you edge (e.g., rocks, branches, etc.).
  • Edge with the blade facing the lawn.
  • Work slowly, back and forth, allowing the blade to go a little deeper with each pass.
  • Practice safety by wearing protective eye gear, long pants and closed- toed shoes.
  • Edge soon after mowing, either that night or the morning after when soil is damp.