Low-Maintenance Lawn Care Tips

Maintaining a healthy lawn can seem like an endless job, but a great lawn doesn't have to come with lots of work.
Keep things simple with these tips on how to maintain a healthy, low-maintenance lawn.



Efficient watering is always a smart choice for both your lawn and your wallet. Take advantage of timing by watering as early in the morning as possible - when winds are calmest and temperatures lowest - your grass will have time to soak it all in, resulting in less frequent watering overall. 
Reduce your watering schedule to dry spells only. Watering during dry spells helps your lawn avoid drought stress that makes turf vulnerable to dandelions and other weeds, fungi and diseases. Rain water is often sufficient during other times.


While mowing does take consistency, it needn't be a high-maintenance job. To begin, give yourself, and your lawn, a week to relax. Your lawn needs time to grow - many people mow their lawn too frequently, which does more harm than good. Taking a week off from your usual routine will allow your grass to grow long and strengthen its roots.
When you return to your usual mowing routine, follow the one-third rule, removing just the top third of the blades of grass. Removing more than one-third of the blade can prohibit your lawn's ability to absorb energy, which can kill grass. The one-third rule also reduces lawn clippings, making for a low-maintenance cleanup.


Maintaining crisp, clean edges in your lawn is critical to the overall look and feel of your landscape. Working in tandem with an edger and string trimmer, you can give your lawn that finished look. Keep in mind edging isn't something you'll have to do often, but if you can't remember the last time you edged your lawn or garden beds, you're probably due. Use an edger like the TB554 Gas Lawn Edger with variable depths to achieve a crisp look for everything from beds to lawns, driveways and walkways. Once you've created your edges, you can maintain them with a string trimmer. Cordless string trimmers like the TB4200 String Trimmer Powered by CORE can easily and efficiently maneuver around low hedges and get into tight spots lawn mowers can't, without relying on extension cords or gasoline.



The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®
April 2017