Lawn Care and Property Value

The value of your home depends on a number of structural factors - like the condition of your roof and windows, and the number of bedrooms. However, one area that can sometimes be overlooked is the lawn.
While many homes have a lawn, some may ignore it in favor of more the conventional aspects and concentrate their efforts elsewhere. But just think - what is one of the first elements noticed when visiting a property? The lawn. 
The state of the lawn often serves as a first impression for visitors, setting the tone for how a home is perceived. This is why it's important to place lawn maintenance at the top of your list, as it not only helps improve the overall look to a home, but can even increase a property's value. 
Whether you live in a cozy bungalow or a spacious colonial, consider these simple ways you can keep your lawn lush and healthy to increase your property's value.


A Simple Cut

The quickest way to improve the look of your lawn is to cut it. At a minimum, mowing the lawn will tidy its appearance and cut down taller weeds, making it look more uniform in height. Don't forget to attend to the edges; trim overlooked areas to avoid a slapdash feel.

Plump It Up

If your lawn needs some first aid, aerate it to let water, air and nutrients through to prevent soil compaction and enable nutrients needed for growth to reach grass roots. Reseed and apply fertilizer to fill bare spots and damaged areas, if needed. After the lawn is revitalized, mow it regularly at a higher height (in the summer) to prevent grass blade damage from the sun and heat. Should any weeds appear, remove as soon as possible to prevent them from going to seed.

Maximize Space

What can you do if you don't have a lawn, or it is tiny at best? You still have options. Depending on your climate, ground cover and shrubs can add a 'green' feel, but don't require as much maintenance as a lawn. Try planting colorful flowers in cheery pots to soften the look of your home. Bird baths and feeders can also add interest regardless of the time of year.