Zero Turn Operation Tips



  • Be familiar with all controls and their proper operation.  Know how to stop the machine and disengage it quickly.

  • To help avoid blade contact or a thrown object injury, keep bystanders, children and pets at least 75 feet from the machine while it is in operation.  Stop machine if anyone enters the area.

  • Thoroughly inspect the area where the equipment is to be used.  Remove all stones, sticks, wire, bones, toys and other foreign objects which could be picked up and thrown by the blade(s).

  • Plan your mowing pattern to avoid a discharge of material toward roads, sidewalks, bystanders and the like.  Also, avoid discharging material against a wall or obstruction, which may cause discharged material to ricochet back toward the operator.

  • Do not operate the mower without the discharge cover or entire grass catcher in its proper place.

  • Stop the blade(s) when crossing gravel drives, walks, or roads, and while not cutting grass.

  • Do not put hands or feet near rotating parts or under the cutting deck.

  • Do not attempt to mow through unusually tall, dry grass (e.g. pasture) or piles of dry leaves.  Dry grass or leaves may contact the engine exhaust and/or build up on the mower deck, presenting a potential fire hazard.

  • Do not turn on slopes unless necessary; then turn slowly uphill and use extra care.

  • Do not mow on wet grass.

  • Do not try to stabilize the machine by putting your foot on the ground.

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