Warm and Cool Season Vegetables

Vegetables fall into one of two categories: warm season or cool season vegetables. The classification is based on the weather and temperatures that are needed for optimal growth and production. Some are even categorized as perennial or multiyear veggies.

Warm Season Vegetables:


There are many types of beans to enjoy in your garden. You can select varieties depending on whether you want something that can grow and support itself or something to climb a pole or trellis.


Cucumbers are a popular vine veggie that many people enjoy growing. You can let the vine trail along the ground or have it climb a fence or trellis for easier picking.


Sweet peppers are a healthy option that work well in just about any dish or cuisine. They can be grown anywhere in the garden and in many different soil types.


These are a home-garden favorite because they are easy to grow and prolific producers. Choose from small cherry varieties and massive 1-2 pound producers.

Cool-Season Vegetables:


Beets are a bright and tasty treat many people enjoy. They are easy to grow, and you can add just a few to your garden or a whole section based on your family's likes.


Broccoli grows well and can continue to produce even after initial fruit loads are harvested. They are one of the most popular cool season garden veggies.


For a tasty treat, try adding some carrots to your garden spread during the cool season. Carrots work well in many soil types and you can harvest early for baby carrots or let them grow longer for full-sized carrots.