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The Anatomy of a Lawn Mower

The Anatomy of a Lawn Mower

Choosing a lawn mower is an important decision for your yard, as selecting the wrong one can make mowing difficult and time-consuming. But how do you know which mower is right for you? That's why understanding the anatomy of a lawn mower is key during the selection process ' so you can determine what type and which features are right for you and your yard.

When shopping for a lawn mower, it is good to ask yourself these few questions:

  • How large is my yard?
  • Can the mower easily maneuver around my yard?
  • What else could I use this equipment for?

Walk-Behind Mowers

If you have a small lawn on relatively flat land, a walk-behind mower is your best match. The width of the cutting deck is a main feature you should take into consideration when choosing this type of mower. The larger the cutting deck, the more grass you can cut in one pass. Your health is also something you should keep in mind during the selection process, work smarter, not harder, by choosing a mower that is self-propelled. Rear-wheel drive helps you cut through tough terrain, while mowers like the Troy-Bilt TB370 High Wheel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, allow you to get the job done with less physical effort.

Riding Mowers

With more horsepower, bigger blades and larger cutting widths, riding mowers are an ideal investment for yards up to 2 acres. Riding mowers typically consist of key starts and adjustable speeds, operating much like a vehicle, and can tackle bumpy or slightly inclined terrains. Outside of cutting grass, mowers like the Troy-Bilt Horse XP Lawn Tractor are available with attachments that can make disposing of grass clippings, dethatching and even removing snow easier.

Zero-Turn Mowers

Another great option for large yards, zero-turn mowers can maneuver and deliver a close, clean cut around trees, shrubs and other landscaped areas of the yard. These types of mowers are typically operated by two lap bars; however, models like the Mustang Pivot 46 Zero-Turn Rider are controlled with a steering wheel. A variety of cutting widths are available on Troy-Bilt zero-turn mowers up to 54".