Planning and planting your raised bed garden

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Now that you have prepped the soil in your raised bed, it's time to plan what will go in it - and then plant it. We've listed the step-by-step instructions here, with a link to a video demonstration of the final step in building your raised garden bed.


Materials needed for 4' x 12' raised bed garden:

  • Gardening gloves
  • Garden stakes
  • String Plants
  • Garden labels
  • Troy-Bilt® hand tools

1. Use garden stakes and twine to mark off your planting lines. This helps keep your garden efficient and organized.

2. Use your finger to draw planting lines in the soil.

3. If planting from seeds, make a small hole where the plant will go, then carefully bury the seeds.

4. If planting from transplants, create a small hole along your plant line and insert your plant, being sure not to overcrowd your garden.

5. Repeat until your raised bed garden is fully planted.

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