Edging Ideas for Your Lawn and Garden

A fresh-looking yard takes a number of things to give it that effortlessly appealing and healthy look. While the obvious tasks like regularly mowing and weeding are necessary to achieve this, edging is often overlooked as a subtle but impactful way to add that special touch to your landscape. In addition to using an edger like the TB516 EC Lawn Edger to keep things in tip-top shape, creating an edge with materials like bricks and rocks can also enhance the overall appearance of your yard.

Here are some edging ideas for your lawn and garden that will help ensure they stand out for all of the right reasons.

  • Bricks: Though very common, using bricks to edge walkways or gardens is an excellent way to add a rustic look to your yard. When setting the bricks, be sure there are no gaps between them, and always check that the area you are using is level ' since uneven distribution of bricks can look messy and cause injury.
  • Wine bottles: Recycle old wine bottles and use them to line your walkway or garden by turning them upside down and placing them firmly within the ground. You can use the same bottles throughout the edging process, or you can mix up the bottle shapes and colors for added texture.
  • Illumination: A great option for those who like to entertain or spend their evenings outdoors, lighting can give your yard an entirely different look once the sun goes down. You can place lights throughout your lawn and garden as generously or sparsely as you'd like, but illumination tends to look best when arranged along pathways, or in some sort of order.
  • Rocks: With so many types, shapes, colors and sizes, there are countless ways you can use rocks to edge walkways or flower beds by mixing and matching, and creating fun edge line designs. However, rocks can become loose and fall or break away from the created edge, so it's best to secure or arrange all rocks in a way that won't block or fall into a walkway.