Choosing the Best Layout for Your Garden

Whether you're planning a vegetable garden, a flower garden or a combination of the two, choosing the best layout for your garden takes some attention to details. So, before the first seeds are planted, make sure you have your garden layout at the top of your to-do list.

No matter how much available space you have set aside for your garden, the right garden layout and design are important for it to flourish. Here are a few important points for successfully laying out your garden:


Give some realistic consideration as to just how large of a garden you can manage. Having the largest yard in the neighborhood will do you no good if you don't have time to enjoy it. Consider starting small with early-blooming flowers or fast-growing vegetables - you can always add more of each to the garden as the season progresses.


No home gardener wants the dog, the kids or the relatives to have to stomp through or around a carefully tended garden in order to enjoy the rest of the yard.

  • Select a level area in your yard that receives direct sunlight.
  • Don't plant close to tall structures that may block sunlight.
  • Don't plant at the bottom of a hill or slope, which can drain rainwater into your garden.
  • If you plan to expand your garden, choose a location that will allow you to do so.


Plants need enough immediate space around them to mature and flourish, so it's important to follow suggested guidelines for appropriate spacing for each species you add to your garden. For example, tomato plants need ample breathing room, but certain herbs and companion flowers don't mind being cozy.

Creating the perfect garden layout for your flower or vegetable garden takes some imagination, research and organization. Learning what you can about what your plants need - from seed to maturity - will help you choose the perfect location and garden layout. After all, you already know that any garden needs three basic requirements for success: full sun, plenty of water and good soil. Happy gardening!