Best Groundcover Plants for Spring and Summer

Groundcovers are an ideal solution for many landscaping issues - like bare spots or sloped yards - as they can add instant aesthetic appeal and require little maintenance. Not only can groundcovers enhance the look of your yard, they can also help improve soil structure and richness.

Whether your lawn is in need of a refresher or lacks color and texture, try incorporating these favorite spring and summer groundcover plants in your landscape to bring it back to life.

Lily of the Valley

Known as a perennial groundcover, Lily of the Valley consists of small bell-shaped white flowers that are packed with a sweet aromatic scent. This groundcover grows best in rich soil and partially shaded areas during the spring season.


Growing best in full-sun, thyme is a great summer groundcover plant that can tolerate drought-like conditions and can easily cover hillsides. Thyme is also an herb that is used in soups and in seasonings for various meats.

Mondo grass

Better known as monkey grass, Mondo grass is commonly used to cover large landscapes and as an accent along walkways. During the summer, small lilac flowers bloom from the Mondo grass. And while Mondo grass tends to be longer, it doesn't call for much, if any at all, trimming.