Winterscaping Your Lawn

When your neighborhood becomes a winter wonderland, it's not always so wonderful for the state of your yard. As the weather cools, you don't need to abandon your yard all together, you'll just need to do things a little differently than you might during the warmer months. With a bit of advanced planning and design, you can have a great looking yard, all year long. Here are some ways that you can 'winterscape' your yard.

Tricks & Tips

1. When choosing trees and shrubs, think about how they will look throughout the seasons. Select some evergreens that will provide color and contrast during the dark winter months. There are many trees and shrubs that will add pop and have winter berries that will attract birds to your yard. Certain perennials also have winter foliage, making them a great option, year-round.
2. Landscaping your yard is about more than planting.  Be creative with your hardscape features and choose details that handle snow well. Paver walls, gazebos, garden sculptures, trellises arbors and even fountains can be focal points for your yard. These structures and highlights will be attractive, even in the winter months.
3. Look at your trees differently. Since trees lose their leaves in the wintertime, look for diversity in their branches and trunks. Visual interest can lead to winter interest, so check out your trees and discover how great they'll look once the weather cools.

An enjoyable yard can be yours, all year round, when you plan for the cold and incorporate 'winterscaping' into your outdoor planning.