Soup Recipes to Warm up to This Winter

The cold weather doesn't have to keep you from a garden fresh meal. With techniques like canning, freezing and fermenting, there are numerous ways you can enjoy vegetables and herbs right from your own backyard year-round.

Homemade soups are a great way to experiment with flavors and incorporate vegetables into your winter menu ' plus they help reduce the chill on bitter winter days.

Take advantage of your harvest with these garden-inspired soup recipes you can warm up to this winter.

Turkey Noodle Soup

Put your holiday leftovers to good use with a twist on this classic winter soup. With a combination of ingredients like turkey carcass, carrots, fresh thyme and your favorite noodles, among other vegetables and herbs, you can enjoy a delightful, low-calorie dish. Take a look at the complete recipe on Taste of Home.

Green Soup

For a soup packed with flavor and nutrients, combine all of your greens and herbs with a can of vegetable broth. Combine kale, spinach, zucchini and Italian parsley, fresh zucchini all together for a guilt-free meal in less than 30 minutes. For all the details on how to make green soup, visit Better Homes and Gardens.
Broccoli Apple Soup

Soups aren't just limited to vegetables; fruits can be added into the mix too. Broccoli apple soup uses the sweetness from fresh McIntosh apples to create a creamy and unique flavor. You can even experiment with other types of apples depending how sweet or sour you want your soup. Thyme, apple cider, chicken stock, broccoli and onion all come together to make this dish. Visit Simply Recipes for the entire recipe.

Garden Vegetable Soup

With less than 300 calories, you can enjoy this hearty favorite without ruining your diet. Simmer carrots, tomatoes and green beans together with vegetable broth to enjoy this dish within minutes. For extra flavor, garnish with parsley and lemon juice. Visit Food Network for more details on how to make garden vegetable soup.

White Bean Soup

While white bean soup is traditionally made with Great Northern beans, try incorporating other vegetables like asparagus and peas for a unique and surprising flavor. Add herbs like mint and oregano from your indoor garden and serve with farfalle pasta. Get step-by-step directions at Food and Wine.