Winter Container Gardening Ideas

The blooming season may seem far away, but don't let the winter blues put a damper on your green thumb - there are plenty of other ways to bring your yard to life and get your fill of gardening by winter container gardening. Spruce up your yard and the inside of your home with these winter-friendly plants and ideas to help you create the perfect winter container garden.

Tips and Ideas

  • Mix and match pots: Collect pots of different sizes and shapes, and then arrange - based on your preference - on your porch for a fun display. Do the same with the plants, using flowers, shrubs and evergreens of different colors, textures and sizes for a bold look. Try using plants like pansies, firethorn and snowdrops for an eye-catching arrangement.
  • Decorate window boxes: Fill your window boxes with vibrant flowers like violas for a pop of color against the white snow. Try incorporating evergreens like ivy into your window boxes as well for an added element of contrast.
  • Recycle and repurpose: Have small wooden crates or tin buckets or pots lying around? Give them a new look by using them for container gardening. Add your own touch by painting them with chalkboard paint and then, after letting the paint dry, write a welcome message on them and arrange around your front door for guests to see. Or you can mix things up by painting with different colors or leave them as they are.
  • Add flare: Use string lights and colorful ornament bulbs in different container gardening arrangements to liven up a room or even your outside patio. You can also do the same for DIY centerpieces that consist of holiday classics like holly and berries for a more festive look and feel.
  • Enhance walkways: Dress your driveway or walkways with shrubs to create curb appeal and depth in your yard. You can use small shrubs or evergreens that require little maintenance, but still deliver an aesthetic look.