Garden Design Ideas

Gardens often provide a sense of tranquility and beauty in the yard. But it's not just a matter of planting seeds in bare spots while hoping for the best. There are dozens of garden themes you can adopt to match your personal preference and bring out a certain look and feel to your outdoors.

Consider these three common garden themes to help spark ideas you can tackle in your own yard.


Nostalgia can be a huge factor in garden, especially when attempting to recreate a charming English garden. Begin with heirloom plants and old-fashioned blooms such as hydrangea, phlox and marigolds. Combine them with well-manicured shrubs or a topiary, and different varieties of roses as a highlight. Other features, such as bird baths or ground ornaments, will complete your English garden look.


Cottage gardens are historically known to supply a variety of produce, and your cottage-style garden can do the same. Start with herbs such as parsley, rosemary, sage and mint, plus vegetables - including summer squash, tomatoes and scarlet runner beans. Flowers, including hollyhocks, daisies and black-eyed Susans can complement your edibles. To create depth and structure, place shorter plants in front of taller ones.


With the lack of time, possible lack of space and a thrust toward the natural, a modern garden is the perfect solution for the busy urban gardener. A modern garden allows for maximizing available space, such as front yard edible gardens or container gardening. Spreading plants or groundcovers create interest, but with minimal maintenance. Consider drought-resistant plants in drier areas and shade plants, such as hostas, for areas that do not get as much sun.


Whether you want a feel from the past or are looking to embrace the present, you can find the style of garden that matches your preferences. Make sure you determine sunlight needs, soil conditions and overall climate to ensure that your garden flourishes under your green thumb.