Tailgating Recipes from the Garden

Fall weekends are known for traditional seasonal outings like hayrides and haunted houses, but nothing calls for more snacks and food than tailgating. And between high school, college and professional games, it may seem like you're always on-the-go and constantly making new dishes.

Instead of scratching your head, wondering what you'll make next, use the last of this season's harvest or what you already have in your freezer or preserved in jars. You can use vegetables and herbs on their own and as ingredients in your favorite creation.

To help bring something new to the table, consider whipping up some of these fresh garden recipes for a new take on tailgating.

  • Chili - A staple for any tailgate, chili is the perfect type of dish in which you can add your own twist to your go-to recipe by adding fresh veggies. Depending on the type of chili you're cooking, you can add corn, tomatoes, black beans and zucchini with an outcome of a savory or spicy fan favorite.
  • Toppings bar - Toppings for main dishes like hamburgers and deli sandwiches are must-have items at any tailgate, as they often add the finishing touches to these popular main dishes. Create a toppings bar with fresh veggies and herbs from your garden that will bring out the flavor in these foods. Provide traditional items like onions, lettuce and tomatoes, or you can have fun with the toppings bar by adding unique choices to the lineup like basil, black beans and grilled peppers.
  • Bean dip - Rather than using pre-made refried beans, use fresh pinto beans to create your own DIY refried beans recipe. You can even add your favorite fresh herbs like cilantro into the mix for a punch of freshness.
  • Salsa/Guacamole - Put your garlic, onions and tomatoes to good use in salsa and guacamole recipes. You can use this as chip dip as well as toppings on burgers - if you're looking to try something new. If you're looking to mix up the flavor, try using different variations of vegetables and herbs within the same family.

Happy tailgating!