Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Just because you have a small yard doesn't mean you lack the space to get creative with landscaping ideas. While some large-scale projects might be off the list of possibilities, there are still many inventive ways you can enhance the appearance and functionality of a small yard. If the dimensions of your yard are on the smaller side, consider some of the achievable and worthwhile home improvement suggestions below.

Keep Scale in Mind

One of the most important guidelines for visualizing and designing landscaping ideas for small yards is to scale all changes and additions so they fit well together in the usable space you have. You can do this by installing multiple levels or tiers in the yard and decorating each level with things like plants, outdoor furniture and lawn ornaments.

Plant Selection

When choosing plants for your yard makeover, consider dwarf plants and evergreens, whose mature height remains manageable and compatible with other flora in your space. This is a practical extension of the scale idea mentioned above and still allows for a very wide range of selection.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

With relatively less space to work with, it only makes sense to minimize clutter in the yard and focus on including a few space-friendly plants, along with some attractive outdoor furniture. By default, everything you choose receives greater emphasis and becomes a mini-feature in your yard.

Have the Right Perspective

You may remember from high school art class that the principle of perspective involves drawing the eye toward a central focal point which seems to vanish into the distance. One of the ways to achieve this illusory arrangement is to make everything in the foreground appear larger than it actually is. Using this principle, you can make your outdoor space look larger by arranging yard decorations on either side of a pathway, leading toward a central object in the distance.