Seasonal Lawn Preparation

Seasonal changes can take a toll on your lawn, especially if it's not properly prepared. The shifts from fall to winter and winter to spring are particularly harsh, however, there are several steps that you can take to keep your lawn in great shape, year round.

Preparing for Winter

1. Mow your lawn short, particularly in colder climates. If left too long, it will fold over under the pressure of snow.
2. Cut back the brown tops of your perennial plants.
3. Rake your lawn to remove excess leaves and any debris, like sticks or pine needles.
4. Fertilize your lawn to prepare it for healthy growth once warm weather returns.
5. Apply herbicide to unwanted weeds. This is usually recommended in mid to late fall.

Preparing for Spring

1. Remove debris that has accumulated during the winter and rake up any matted, dead areas of the lawn. Keep your eye out for any sign of snow mold.
2. Aerate your lawn to wake it up and provide it with the strength that it will need to make it through the warm summer months.
3. Re-seed any damaged areas of your lawn.
4. Apply crabgrass control before the weather gets too warm. Fifty five is the ideal ground temperature for application.
5. Trim your trees and shrubs to prepare them for lush spring growth.
By thinking ahead and preparing your lawn for the changes it will face as temperatures rise and fall, you can keep it full, healthy and green for many years to come.