Rock Garden Tips and Ideas

Themed gardens provide you with the opportunity to flex some of your creative muscles, while giving your outdoor spaces an instant facelift. There are numerous routes you can take with themed gardens - from color-coordinated schemes to recipe-inspired vegetable gardens - to fit your personality and preference, and you can certainly change it up each year.

For those looking for a low-maintenance, eco-friendly garden idea, adding a rock garden to your landscape is a great option. A rock garden not only brings the beautiful scenery of the mountains into your own backyard, it can also be customized in a design that is all your own.

No matter the environment, you can create your own edgy, modernized look with these rock garden tips.


Tired of grass? A rock garden is a great way to reinvent your landscape. When preparing the space for your rock garden, use marking paint or spray paint to sketch the overall design of the space. This is essential if you plan to include focal points like stone pathways, steps or a waterfall. Keep in mind that your rock garden should be placed in a sunny area with good drainage. And always check the soil condition before planting.


The rocks you choose to incorporate in your rock garden should be native to your area. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to add variety. Also, don't place rocks in a formal pattern, since a randomly scattered approach gives a more natural appearance. If you don't have any rocks lying around to use, shop for rocks at your local craft store or mineral shop - larger rocks can be found at a local quarry.


Like rocks, the plants you choose for your garden should vary in color and height. Use plants with different textures for an organic look, and be sure to incorporate a variety of plants like herbs, trees and drought-resistant flowers. If you want an edgier look, choose herbs like oregano and thyme, which are unique and can be used in cooking. Be sure to select plants that are native to your location for a healthy, flourishing garden.