Pumpkin Crafts

With fall approaching, it's never too early to start brainstorming on how to decorate your home with everyone's favorite fall fruit ' pumpkins.

Even though most think of pumpkins as vegetables, they are technically considered a fruit because they form from a flower and contain seeds. Beyond those tasty seeds, pumpkins can be used for a number of fun crafts.

Check out a few favorites below:

Pumpkin Owls

Turning a pumpkin into your nocturnal night watch makes for a fun windowsill project for the whole family.

Start by cutting circles of white, black and blue, brown or green (or any other eye color you'd like) construction paper. These circles will represent the eye of the owl, so cut according to your desired proportions.

Cut a yellow or orange triangle-shaped piece for the beak. Use yellow pipe cleaner for the owl's feet.

Finally, glue the eye circles onto each other; then glue the eyes and feet to the pumpkin. You can even use varying-sized pumpkins and eye coloring to represent each member of the family!

Candelabra Centerpiece

Using a paring knife, simply carve holes about ½-inch to 1-inch deep into the exterior of your pumpkin. You'll need to check the width of your candles to make sure you are carving appropriately-sized holes.

Depending on the size of your table, you can go as big or as simple as you'd like with the size of your pumpkin and number of candles.

Three to five long candles look great on a volleyball-sized pumpkin, set for a table of four.

Fall Terrarium

Who says succulents and cacti are the only plants that belong in a fish bowl? Add seasonal flare to your coffee table using a fishbowl, mini pumpkins, moss, acorns, pinecones and whatever other fall additions you'd like to add.

Simply place the moss in the bottom of the fish bowl, and arrange the mini pumpkins, acorns and pinecones as you desire.

Layering the moss more heavily in some areas will change elevation of the pumpkins, creating a pleasing asymmetrical look. Squash and other gourds can also provide additional fall coloring.