How Can I Keep My Lawn Entertainment-Ready?

Outdoor entertaining is a great option for hosting a social gathering during the warmer months. It's easy and flexible enough for a casual BBQ with a few friends, but can also be suitable for a large, formal wedding. No matter the occasion, it's important to create a unique outdoor atmosphere that friends can enjoy with some food and refreshments on a nice summer evening.

But before you start organizing the details of your next alfresco event, you should first tidy up your yard to make sure it's properly prepared and presentable when guests arrive. Here are six outdoor party tips to help you turn your backyard into the best spot in the neighborhood.

  1. Make Sure the Space Looks Great. You would never have a party in a room with ripped carpets and peeling wallpaper, which is why you shouldn't host an outdoor party with a landscape consisting of dead grass and unruly scrubs or flowers. Spend some time doing a little maintenance around the yard to give it a refreshed, tidy look before the party - mowing the lawn, edging walkways, trimming trees and shrubs, and weeding the garden.
  2. Divide Your Space. Just because you are in an open space doesn't mean you can't create separate areas within your yard for different activities. Use existing spaces like your patio or deck to do this, but don't forget you can also rearrange potted plants or group furniture together as a way to disperse larger events into more intimate areas.
  3. Dodge Brown Flowers and Plants. The summer season is full of warm and bright flowers, but too often petals will wilt, creating an eyesore in your party space. One of the reasons your plants are wilting may be a result of watering during the wrong time of day. It's recommended to water plants in the morning rather than the heat of the day to avoid evaporation from the sun and keep your flowers looking fresh.
  4. Let You Grass Recover. A well-kept lawn may seem like an endless job, but it doesn't have to be. Before and after your party, give your lawn a week to relax and strengthen its roots. Mowing too frequently can create more harm than good. Once your lawn is ready, a best practice is to follow the one-third rule by only removing the top third of grass blades which will allow for more energy absorption. This helps grass to grow and live longer giving your outdoor space a lush, green lawn. 
  5. Give Your Lawn a New Look. After giving your lawn the time to relax, try something different before you start your usual mowing routine. Transform your lawn into a work of art using different mowing patterns such as lawn striping, crisscross or plaid stripes. Not only will a pattern make your yard stand out, changing patterns every few weeks also helps your grass to maintain healthy growth.
  6. Create an Edge. Crisp edge lines help draw attention to those stand-out yard elements like garden beds and walkways. Use a string trimmer, like the TB25C, to create crisp lines around your beds and paths. Before you start, turn your trimmer vertically so you can see what the string is cutting by looking between the shaft and the guard. Make sure you know if your string is turning counterclockwise or clockwise, so you know where cuts will be made. Slowly, walk in a straight line to cut a clean line of grass. For larger yards, consider using an edger, like the TB516 EC, to clean up borders along sidewalks and driveways.