Portable Garden Ideas

There are myriad of good reasons to have a garden. You can grow your own food, saving money and time at the grocery store, as well as keeping better control over how the food you feed your family is grown. However, with todayʼs trend towards tiny houses and more streamlined living, you may be limited as to the room you have for a garden. Thatʼs where portable gardens come in handy.

Portable gardens give you the flexibility to grow and move plants around freely within a space. Materials like containers, crates and pots can be used for portable gardens. Some individuals may choose to grow these types of gardens because they're limited on space; others may want a low-maintenance garden. Whatever the reason, consider these portable garden ideas for a new take on gardening this growing season. 

Ideas for portable gardens:

  1. Garden pots. Garden pots are the ultimate portable garden. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Make sure that you pots have a drainage hole at the bottom. Itʼs also a good idea to put your pot on wheels before you add the dirt. That will help save injury to your back when moving the plants.
  2. Wheelbarrows. Old wheelbarrows also make ideal portable gardens. You donʼt have to worry about them being in pristine condition. A little wear and tear adds to the charm.
  3. Baskets. Baskets, whether designed to hang or to set on your front porch, have the natural advantage of offering good drainage. They are also lightweight and make it easy to relocate your plants as the sun moves during the growing season.
  4. Wooden tool caddies. Traditional wooden tool caddies, with a trough at the bottom and a tall handle, make ideal portable herb gardens. You can even use them to hold two or three small clay pots full of herbs.

Planting a garden doesnʼt have to mean digging up your entire property. With portable gardens, you can move your garden to just the right spot in your yard and even take it with you when you move.