Post-Pool Party Yard Recovery Tips

Throwing a pool party is a great way to unwind during the summer, but the excess water and foot traffic can sometimes take a toll on your outdoor spaces. That's why it's important to give your yard a little TLC after the party has ended. More often than not, your grass will likely be a bit matted and waterlogged. Walkways and porches may also appear dull due to the dirt collected as people walk to and from different areas outside.

When it comes time for cleanup, it's best to use equipment like the FLEX' yard care system, as it can complete a variety of outdoor summer projects, providing versatility so you can get yard tasks done efficiently and effectively.

Here are some ways FLEX can help your yard recover and get back in shape post-pool party.


If your lawn is waterlogged or shows signs of extreme compaction, it's best to relieve soil with an aerator like the Troy-Bilt FLEX Plug Aerator attachment, which extracts soil plugs as deep as two inches. Aerating will help soil breath, allowing nutrients to reach grass roots. It also creates a suitable environment for planting grass seed, if needed.

Pressure Washing

Give your outdoor spaces ' like your patio and driveway ' a good refresh with a pressure washer. Pressure washers like the FLEX Pressure Washer easily remove buildup from dirt and other debris that put a film over surfaces. Make sure to maintain a steady, consistent stroke when pressure washing to avoid streaks and uneven color on surfaces.


Between lawn games and constant traffic on your lawn, your grass may look a bit unkempt after guests leave. Wait a few days to let your grass rest and naturally perk up before mowing. If your lawn is still damp from the pool party, it's best to wait until soil is fully dried. The FLEX Wide-Area Mower helps you cut more grass in less time with its 28-inch cutting deck, delivering a clean, precise cut. It also provides an adjustable cutting height and options to mulch, bag or side discharge your grass clippings.


Put the final touches on your yard cleanup efforts with the FLEX Leaf Blower, which helps remove small twigs, leaves and other materials that need to be cleared from your outdoor spaces. The FLEX Leaf Blower also gives you the capability to adjust the airflow ' depending on the size of your cleanup job ' so you can clear debris in an easy manner, and to your preference.