Pallet Gardening

Are you looking for a way to grow a garden in a limited amount of space? Or for a way to decorate an unsightly outdoor wall? One good solution to these issues is pallet gardening, which entails using a wooden pallet as a foundation and structure to plant flowers, herbs and other smaller plants. More often than not, pallet gardens are attached to a vertical wall to maximize your space and give your garden a unique aesthetic.

To create a pallet garden, select a high-quality pallet that hasnʼt been treated with chemicals and doesnʼt have any loose or rusty nails. Youʼll also need soil, strong fabric, a staple gun and your choice of plants.

Prep the pallet by stapling fabric to its back, bottom and sides. Make sure to use plenty of staples and that fabric is firmly in place so it can securely hold plants and soil in the pallet. When youʼre done applying fabric, only the front and top of the pallet should be exposed.

Next, fill the pallet with soil and pack it in tightly. Once the soil is in the pallet, you can plant your flowers or herbs in between slats and pack them firmly into the soil. When planting, it's best to find a good balance between keeping the pallet full and providing enough space for each plant to grow, so it's important to keep in mind the types and sizes of plants you plan on using.

When youʼre done, you can either lay the pallet on the ground or mount it vertically to a wall. If you want to mount it, youʼll need L-brackets from your local hardware store to keep the pallet attached to the wall. Mounting should be done with the exposed front facing out. This will give your wall an attractive and unique appearance. It will also help you maximize your outdoor space.