Kid-Friendly Garden Activities

With summer heating up and the kids out of school, it can be hard to find an outdoor activity to keep them busy and entertained. Showing children that gardening can be fun is a great family activity will get them out of the house and involved with an educational outdoor activity. Gardening not only teaches kids responsibility, it also engages them in the science of plant growth, plus exposes them to healthy choices.

Demonstrate gardening fun with these garden projects this summer.

Pot Decorating

Add a personal touch to your pots and flower boxes with some artwork. Using paint, stickers and stencils, kids can decorate pots for your patio or garden. This is a great, budget-friendly craft that enables children to help in the garden while livening up ordinary clay pots.

Garden Book

Creating a garden book is a great way for your kids to get involved with your garden this season. This scrapbook-like project will teach them about what plants need to grow, and generate excitement about what plants to expect to sprout. You can fill your book with photos of your child working in the garden and their favorite garden recipes to try after the fruits and veggies harvest.

Mini Planters

Bring the fun of gardening indoors by creating mini planters. Add soil and seeds to a recycled yogurt container or juice box to start your own mini garden. Kids can choose their favorite seeds and get a front row seat to their plants' growth while learning how to care for them.

Animal Feeders

This is another fun craft that can be enjoyable for your kids to create and watch. Bird feeders can be made out of many materials found around the house, like milk cartons and plastic bottles. Once filled with birdseed, children can take photos or draw the different birds they see eating from their feeder and put them in their garden book. You can add a twist on this traditional project by filling your decorated feeder with a sponge soaked in sugar water. The sugar solution will attract butterflies to your yard and make a great addition to your garden book.