How to Propagate Roses

The wave of winter has drawn to a close and those wonderful days of warm weather, open windows and time spent in the garden have stirred us into springtime activities. If you're planning on having true May flowers, you should start propagating roses in the plant boxes or yard now.

Rose propagation is a natural method of continuing a rose plant's genetic pool by using clippings from the parent plant. This is done to maintain the integrity and original nature of prized rose plants.

The Rose

Roses have a very delicate quality to them, yet are able to withstand conditions other flowers cannot. Propagating roses means taking the time to inspect and place the stems and bulbs into proper soil environments, with the goal of getting them to grow healthy and prolonging their true beauty. While there are various propagating methods you can practice, consider following these steps so you can get the propagating process started.

Step One

Select a range of potting containers in the yard or region where the roses will grow. Fill them with proper soil for your particular climate. Be sure the pots are very clean prior to filling soil to prevent contamination of fungal growth.

Step Two

Take the rose stem cuttings and cut again, if necessary, so they are each approximately 6" in length. Place the cut stem about 2" deep into the center of each pot, so they are secure in the soil and are sticking straight up.

Step Three

Move the pots to a partially shaded zone, but where the cuttings will receive adequate sunlight throughout the day.
These rose cuttings will begin to grow and bloom in about six months, so the earlier you can start, the better. Let the stems grow and then harvest the bulbs. But most of all, enjoy the beauty your work will bring to your yard.