How to Grow Mint in Your Garden

Mint is a versatile herb, as it can add flavor to a wide variety of recipes - from meat dishes to cocktails. Not only does mint have multiple uses in the kitchen, it can grow easily and quickly, year-round. 
Whether you intend to serve it with the main dish or as a refreshing beverage, follow these steps on how to grow mint in your garden.


Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Opt for Containers.
While mint has its share of uses and benefits, it's important to note it can be invasive. This is why it's recommended to grow mint in containers, so it can be more easily maintained. Separating mint from your in-ground vegetable or herb garden will also help ensure the health and growth of other plants. Using containers also make it easier to bring mint inside when temperatures drop, so you can grow throughout all seasons.
Step 2: Choose the Right Site.
Mint requires moist, but well-drained soil so its best to plant mint in containers with drainage holes and saucers for water retention. Mint also tolerates some shade, but most varieties do best in full sunlight. With that in mind, place containers in appropriate areas around your yard - porches, patios, walkways - or even around your garden. Monitor the amount of sunlight these areas receive; if you notice mint isn't receiving enough sunlight, simply move to a more appropriate location. 
Step 3: Select and Plant Transplants.
Growing mint from seed can be quite challenging; a better approach is to buy transplants from a local nursery. When planting transplants in a container, make sure you dig a hole that's slightly wider than the root ball, and pack the soil in gently around the newly planted herbs. Water generously so the herb can establish roots within the soil. 
Step 4: Keep the Soil Moist.
Mint is a pretty low-maintenance plant. All you really need to do as it establishes itself is keep the soil moist. In most cases, watering every other day is sufficient. Try to water later in the evening or early in the morning before the sun comes up.
Step 5: Prune the leaves.
Luckily, the best way to keep mint thriving and growing throughout the year is to continually prune or harvest its leaves. Give the plant a few weeks to settle in before you start picking the mint. Then, be sure to remove no more than 1/3 of the mint leaves at a time. Pick them at their base, selecting leaves from all over the plant.