Holiday Yard Decorations

Between entertaining guests, buying gifts and baking dozens of tasty treats, the holiday season can become overwhelming and leave you in a time crunch - especially when it comes to decorating your outdoors.

Be sure your home is dressed in the spirit of the season with these holiday DIY ideas.

DIY Pallet Tree

This season, the big green spruce doesn't need to be the only tree on display. Rather, opt for something nontraditional like a wooden pallet to make a cutout tree. This simple, unique idea entails taking full wooden pallet (which can be purchased at a home improvement store) and outlining the shape of a tree by making a large, slim triangle with a marker.

Next, use a hand saw to cut along the outline. Finish the project by painting the pallet with your favorite holiday colors, plus even hang outdoor ornaments and lights on the tree. Display at your front entryway or stake it in the yard.

Wooden Yard Sign

Use the scraps from your wooden pallet tree to create another DIY craft. Make a yard stake using the individual pallet scraps. With one stake in the center acting as a pillar, begin adding more slabs with yarn or glue to point in different directions. Paint arrows and destinations like Santa's Workshop or Reindeer Parking onto the individual slabs. Allow to dry, and then place where desired in your yard.

Ornament Baskets

Bring purpose to your hanging flower baskets this season with this easy decorating idea. Simply fill baskets with ornaments and pinecones or decorative moss and dried berries; then place on your front porch for a welcoming holiday atmosphere. Also consider using large standing flower pots or tin pots to fill with lighted twigs and seasonal evergreens.

Front Door Decoration

This present won't fit beneath the tree. While simple, this creative decoration idea can be completed by wrapping the front door like a present. You can use ribbon or even wrapping paper to bring this idea to life.

The Dirt from Troy-Bilt®
November/December 2016