How to Grow Tomatoes

When it comes to growing your own produce, nothing beats a summer favorite - the tomato. This delicious and juicy fruit is packed with nutrition and flavor. Planting and growing tomatoes is not a difficult task to accomplish, and with a little patience you can have this wonderful fruit on your menu daily.

The best time to grow tomatoes is from late spring through summer. Tomatoes thrive from direct sunlight and warmth. Before planting, it is important to consider the layout of your tomato garden. You need adequate space for your plants to grow - two to three feet apart.

You do not want your tomatoes to be resting or growing along the ground since they can get moldy or be hidden from direct sunlight. That's why it's important to install some support, such as a trellis, tomato cage or simple wooden stakes, next to the plants.

Something else to consider if you have limited space or access to a plantable area is to grow your plants in 18-inch flower pots. These pots are the optimum size for root growth and can support a tomato cage quite nicely.

Once you figure out your layout, you should begin the process of augmenting the soil with either composted natural fertilizers or with a store-bought fertilizer. If you have the time and energy, composting is the way to go to naturally augment the soil and create rich nutrients for the plant to grow.

Planting tomatoes is at least halfway up the stem will ensure deep and strong root growth. As the plant grows, guide vine growth around your trellis and/or cage to encourage the vine to spread.

Do not overwater your tomato plants. The fruit will have a tendency to be less sweet, and splitting of the skin often occurs. Consider using a drip irrigation system to maintain a consistent moisture level in the soil.

There's a wide variety of tomatoes with different flavors, so you should feel free to experiment with many types to determine what suits your palate and your garden.