Festive Houseplants for the Holidays

Your Christmas tree doesn't have to be the only plant that brings holiday cheer into your home. There are a handful of other houseplants that make for great eye-catching centerpieces and perfect gift ideas for the green thumb in your family.

Many perennials that bloom this time of year are low maintenance and can make seasons bright all year round with a little TLC. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and aromas, some common houseplants have gained notoriety during the holidays. Why not deck your halls with these festive holiday house plants this year?


Known for its bright red, pink, or white blooms, this South American native perennial has gained popularity as a holiday plant favorite. You can grow Amaryllis in a container during the winter months and then transplant it to your garden to rebloom in June. Amaryllis is usually sold by the bulb and loves bright sunny places with little watering required.

Norfolk Island Pine

If you're limited on space, this mini version of the traditional Christmas tree is the ideal container plant for the holidays. You can decorate with ornaments or leave it in its original state to bring the great outdoors inside. Norfolk Island pines should be watered regularly and placed in an area that receives adequate sunlight throughout the day.


Cut this topiary into a cone shape and you have a mini Christmas tree to decorate your home. Rosemary, which is a perennial herb, makes a great centerpiece and can be added to your favorite holiday recipes. Low maintenance and aromatic, Rosemary also warms your home with a light festive fragrance. Rosemary likes moist soil and warm temperatures, and can be transplanted in the spring so you can enjoy this versatile herb all year long.

Christmas Cactus

Not to be confused with its prickly counterpart, the Christmas Cactus - also known as Schlumbergera - is most recognized for its small red, white, or pink blooms that resemble tree ornaments. This hanging flower performs best in a pot full of rich soil that receives regular watering. To keep them blooming after the holidays, a six-week dark resting period is suggested.


This traditional Christmas plant screams "Happy Holidays" to your guests as they arrive. Originally from Mexico, the Poinsettia is a symbol of the season partially due to its winter time exclusivity. To keep its bright red bracts lively, water generously and keep in a brightly lit area of your home.