Fall Flower Ideas

Summer's end is just the start of all the bold and bright blooms autumn presents. No matter your taste in perennials, there are plenty of blends you can choose from to fit your fall landscape. While some may think the cooler weather conditions may do more harm than good to plants, it's actually the cooler soil and seasonable rains that help make fall gardening efficient and effective. These conditions give plant roots plenty of time to adjust before warm temperatures return the following year.

Here are tips and tricks for planting a fall garden and the numerous ways to utilize your late bloomers to spruce up your yard.

Cool-Season Veggies

Garlic is a veggie that thrives in the fall and there are two varieties to choose from: softneck and hardneck. Softneck is recommended for regions with mild winters, and hardneck garlic can withstand the harsh winters found in northern regions. Other cool-season vegetables that are tough enough to endure winter are kale, cabbage, carrots and spinach.


Planting perennials in the fall results in earlier blooms for the impatient green thumb, and also provides a fresh face for the fall months. There is a long list of perennials that can be planted in the fall, but here a few widely popular fall flower ideas:

  • Helenium is a perennial that can continue to flower into September and October, in varieties that offer the best traditional fall colors. Plant your heleniums in average sunlight, remembering that they thrive in soil that holds moisture, which makes this perennial perfect for fall planting.
  • Peonies are flowers that should always be planted or transplanted in the fall. Peonies should be planted in September or October to ensure early blooming in the spring; the plant should be well settled prior to the first frost. Peonies succeed when planted in full sun. It's also important not to plant peonies too deeply in soil.

Bold Contrasts

There are also other perennials that add beautiful contrast to the changing leaf colors. These will bloom in early September and flourish till frost. Russian Sage is a perennial that can add a bright blue/purple contrast to your garden and pairs well with yellow blossoms and fallen leaves. Another perennial you can count on for long-lasting color into the autumn months is Blue Aster. Blue Aster is in the family of Daisies, and the many varieties give gardeners everywhere a chance to plant them. Both of these bold fall flowers add contrast to the fading summer plants and blooming fall colors and require good sun and moist soil. Transplant or repot these beautiful blooms to decorate the deck for your fall clam bake or autumn bonfire. The contrasting colors can also be combined to create a unique fall flower arrangement.

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September 2016