Fall Chore Checklist

When the cooler autumn weather settles in, gardeners often transition from harvesting to preparing gardens for the winter season ahead. But what exactly needs to be done to make sure your garden remains in its best condition until next spring? Use the handy checklist below as your guide for your autumn outdoor tasks:

Planting: Plant shrubs and spring flowering bulbs - like daffodils or tulips - now to give them time to settle before the first frost. Choose a sunny location, water generously after planting, and then leave them until spring.
Weeding: Weeds have a way of intruding into your garden at any time of the year. Remove any weeds before they germinate during the winter to minimize the amount of weeds you get in the spring.
Fertilizing: Now is the time to enrich your garden beds with nutrient-rich material from your compost. This will help ensure next year's garden is rich with organic material for healthy plant growth.
Trimming: Prune your hedges for the last time in the fall to avoid decay from accumulated moisture. Cut deciduous hedges back as much as you can, but without creating any noticeable holes. Also make sure to remove tree leaves from the hedge itself so that can receive sufficient sun.
Clearing debris: With its weaker sun and cold temperatures, winter can affect your lawn. To help outlast these conditions, clear away any leaves so that light can access the grass and dry up excessive morning dew. This will also help prevent soil compaction.
Tool maintenance: Clean and wipe down tools before placing them in the shed or garage for the winter. Make sure tools are clear of debris like dirt, and are placed in a dry environment to keep them from corroding and rusting.