DIY Holiday Centerpieces

Just thinking about entertaining during the holiday season can be overwhelming since many items need to be checked off the list before guests arrive. And between the cooking and cleaning, it often seems like the hours leading up to the party fly by, leaving you with little time to decorate your home with festive colors and objects that reflect the holiday spirit.

Rather than running around from one store to the next to purchase decor, chances are you already have what you need for your own DIY holiday decorations. Consider these festive DIY holiday centerpiece ideas to help give your party the look and feel of the season.

  • Metallic pine cones - Spray paint pine cones metallic gold and/or silver to add a pop of surprise to your holiday centerpiece. Fill a basket or bowl with pine cones and then add holly, bulb ornaments, and other holiday foliage.
  • Candy cane arrangement - Using a glue gun or a strong adhesive, simply glue candy canes to the outside of a vase and tie a ribbon around it - you can even use an old coffee canister for this as well. After the candy canes are firmly placed on the vase, fill it with flowers such as red and white roses, or poinsettias.
  • Mini vases - Paint bottles or mason jars of various sizes the color of your choice - you can either spray paint them one solid color or use a stencil to create a design or message. Once the paint dries, place flowers in these mini vases and arrange to your taste.
  • Decorative branches - For a more rustic look, take tall skinny branches and twigs, and place them upright in a vase. You can fill the vase with colorful berries, long-stem flowers, or bulb ornaments. You can also spray paint branches white, silver, or gold and wrap them with clear lights. And if you're looking to give branches more of a winter wonderland feel, use spray-on adhesive and dip branches into glitter.
  • Table wreaths - Instead of hanging a holiday wreath on your front door, lay it flat on a table and fill the center with candles of various sizes. You can also place a vase in the center with an assortment of flowers.