How to Create a Fairy Garden

Incorporating a theme into your garden is an easy way to give your outdoors a new look, plus add an element of fun for the entire family. While garden themes typically focus on specific recipes and cultures, there are other options that allow you to be more creative - including fairy gardens. 
Increasing in popularity, fairy gardens are miniature wonderlands that are intended to capture the imagination and lure in fairies. Most fairy gardens include living plants, tiny structures, pebbles and whimsical décor, which can often be found at garden centers and craft stores.


Tricks & Tips

Creating a fairy garden is simple, and it's a great activity to do with kids. Fairy gardens are easy to maintain and can be housed in containers as small as baskets, pots or bowls, or as large as sandboxes.
Whether you're planning on making your whimsical creation a minor or major backyard project, here are some tips to consider for making your ideal fairy garden:
Select a location. Variables like climate, sun exposure and soil condition should be considered before determining a location for your fairy gardenʼs most appropriate plants. Evaluating these factors will help ensure a thriving garden. All of your fairy garden plants should have the same growing requirements and be suitable for planting in a container.
Make a plan. Sketch out your fairy garden so you know where items will go before planting, placing or gluing them.
Choose a fairy house. Seen as the main focus of a fairy garden, the centerpiece should be an object that is unique and eye-catching. Materials like a birdhouse, teepee or even a homemade mushroom house can be used for this purpose. A few miniature chairs can also serve as a nice resting place for 'visiting' fairies.
Add accessories. Just how many and what type of accessories you want to use to dress up your fairy garden is up to you. Homemade or store-bought, let your creativity go wild. You can even redecorate your fairy garden for holidays and celebrations.
With a little bit of inspiration, you can make your fairy garden a magical place to tend for many years to come.