Container Gardening Ideas

Finding creative ways to display flowers and plants is an easy but effective way to spruce up your yard and home. Not only can container gardening instantly add personality to indoor or outdoor spaces, it's also an ideal way to maintain well-drained soil needed for proper plant growth.

Depending on your own personal preference, container gardening offers countless ways you can display plants and is something that can easily be modified from year to year ' proving this is a gardening trend that won't go out of style.

Consider these container gardening ideas to give your spaces a new style this planting season.

Grouping Containers

When it comes to container gardening, multiple pots can be better than one. Create a warm and inviting look for your guests by displaying all of your favorite planters at one time. Group pots of the same color together on your porch or patio to create a welcoming ambiance for your home. You can also experiment and mix different sizes and shapes together for a modern look.

Window Boxes

No matter the season, window boxes can bring a classic look to your outdoor spaces. Window boxes are an ideal gardening solution for apartment dwellers, and can provide easy maintenance and access to plants ' especially if you use window boxes for homegrown herbs. This type of container garden can be useful even when your favorite flowers are not in bloom, since you can fill window boxes with other foliage to add a fresh look during the off-season.

Hanging Gardens

A great project for spring, hanging planters not only give you easy access to plants, but they can also add a unique look to your outdoor spaces. You can hang planters at different levels to create depth and dimension to your yard, group them in clusters or hang next to yard features like pergolas and porches for added flair. For your own DIY hanging planter, secure a small bucket or planter to a sturdy post or door frame with twine.

Nontraditional Materials

Some of the most eye-catching container gardens don't consist of traditional containers and pots. Designers and gardeners alike often use unconventional materials to create their container gardens. To do this, plant your favorite plants in everyday household items like a teapot or colander to add a Victorian look to your kitchen, or you can fill rain boots and watering cans with bright sunflowers and ferns to brighten up your porch or patio ' the possibilities are endless.