How Can I Best Clear Snow?

It's not uncommon for weather to change unexpectedly - especially during the winter. But with the right tools and knowledge, you can be prepared to handle whatever the season throws your way.

Consider these snow removal tips to help you make it through another winter:

  • Don't skimp on safety: Snow and ice can create dangerous outdoor conditions, so take as many safety precautions as possible to prevent injury while taking part in your day-to-day activities. Also, always read your owner's manual before you operate any outdoor power equipment, make sure walkways are cleared and salted, and dress appropriately for outdoor weather conditions.
  • Be prepared: Stay in tune with the forecast and what's happening outside. If snow starts to fall quickly and sticks to the ground, try to keep up with snow removal as best you can. If snowfall is heavy and you come home to several inches of snow and ice, remove it promptly; if you wait, the cleanup process will only become tougher and take more time.
  • Know your surroundings: Fast-falling snow can make it difficult to see when clearing your driveway. To help ensure your safety and keep you from running your snow blower off your driveway or sidewalk, outline designated clearing areas with stakes and colored flags prior to snowfall. This will help guide you in the right direction while outside.
  • Shovel wisely: If you're using a shovel to clear snow, be mindful of the motion you use when doing so. Too much strain on your back or legs can cause pulled muscles or other physical aches post-snow cleanup.
  • Remove snow with caution: When using a snow blower, don't throw snow into the street or in the direction of bystanders, as it can cause injury from potential small debris in snow. Be mindful of where you are at all times and make sure the chute is pointed away from others. '