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How Do I Use TrimmerPlus® Attachments?

How Do I Use TrimmerPlus® Attachments?

A TrimmerPlus® attachment-capable string trimmer can be used to accomplish many yard cleanup tasks. Easy to use, the attachments allow you to tackle more chores around the yard without buying a dedicated machine for each task. That means you can turn a single trimmer into a garage full of tools for garden cultivating, leaf blowing, sawing, hedge trimming and more. 

TrimmerPlus® attachments are designed to connect to most national brand attachment-capable trimmers quickly, with no tools required. Troy-Bilt® compatible trimmer attachments are listed below.

TrimmerPlus® Attachments

•    CB720 Add-On High Performance Blower: With up to 500 cfm of air volume, the CB720 Add-On High Performance TrimmerPlus® Blower attachment is ideal for moving leaves into large piles or to the curb. Its compact size and weight help make it easy to use and minimize fatigue.
•    LE720 Add-On Lawn Edger: Edge your drive, walkways and flower beds easily with the LE720 Add-On TrimmerPlus® Lawn Edger attachment. The hardened steel blade has an adjustable depth of up to 2.5 inches, and the large guide wheel helps to keep you on a straight path.
•    PS720 Add-On Pole Saw: Prune trees and hard-to-reach vegetation easily with the PS720 Add-On TrimmerPlus® Pole Saw attachment, equipped with an 8-inch bar and chain. The extended boom reaches up to 11 feet, making this attachment ideal for cleaning up trees and hedges.
•    AH721 Add-On Hedge Trimmer: Groom and trim hedges easily with the AH721 Add-On Hedge Trimmer attachment, featuring 22-inch dual action blades and an articulating head for easy reach.
•    GC720 Add-On Cultivator: Prepare flower beds and home gardens quickly with the GC720 TrimmerPlus® Cultivator attachment, featuring an adjustable tilling width that makes it ideal for weeding in between rows in the garden and around landscaping. 
•    BC720 Add-On Brushcutter: The 4-tooth, steel brush blade is designed to cut through heavy vegetation and weeds easily, while the straight shaft design helps you trim in hard-to-reach places. The BC720 Add-On Brushcutter attachment also features a J-handle and shoulder strap for ease of use.
•    AS720 Add-On Fixed Line Cutting Head: For reach and maneuverability in tight spaces, this lightweight, extended-reach string trimmer boom features a heavy-duty aluminum construction. With a 34-inch extended reach, the AS720 Add-On Fixed Line Cutting Head attachment makes it easy to trim under bushes, around fencing and in hard-to-reach places.