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Choosing the Right Chipper Shredder Vacuum

Rugged, durable and more versatile than ever, Troy-Bilt® Chipper Shredders and Chipper Shredder Vacuums tackle your toughest outdoor chores. They save time and make it easy to dispose of yard debris like leaves, small branches and twigs. Whatever your yard challenge, we've got the chipper shredder or lawn vacuum chipper to help you breeze through the tasks that hold you back. Watch the video and see for yourself.

  • Cleaning up leaves, branches and other yard debris is a never-ending battle. Troy-Bilt makes a full line of chipper shredders and walk-behind chipper shredder vacuums. These machines work great for removing leaves because of their all-in-one approach to vacuuming , shredding and bagging in a single, easy step. Get mulch and compost easily with these heavy duty, high-performance chipper shredder models that can turn 10 bags of yard waste into one.
  • Turn twigs and branches into wood chips. If the branches in your yard are up to 2 or 3 inches in diameter, then you should consider a traditional chipper shredder. If they are 1 1/2" or less in diameter, then a walk-behind chipper shredder lawn vacuum will do the job.
  • Tackle leaves hiding under flower beds or hard-to-reach places. If you have flower beds, bushes and other areas where leaves hide or get stuck, then look for a leaf vacuum shredder. The hose attachment can easily clean those areas, allowing you to suck out leaves and debris from under bushes or out of beds.
  • Convert lawn debris into mulch. Both types of lawn chipper units shred leaves and small debris into finely milled compost and chip branches into nutrient-rich mulch to use on flower beds. You can also use the shredding component to compost leaves and plants in a timely manner, instead of waiting a few months for the elements to decompose.

Before you start, though, familiarize yourself with a few chipper shredder vacuum tips so you can safely and efficiently complete your cleanup projects. Always read the owner’s manual prior to using your equipment so you can operate it properly, then inspect your yard for rocks or other debris that can disrupt the lawn vacuuming process. Remember to never rush or force materials into the chipper shredder unit.