5 Uncommon Vegetables You Should Grow This Year

For many, creating a list of vegetables to grow each spring is a routine task. You know exactly what you want and how to grow it. However, making that list can also be a fun experiment that challenges you to grow new vegetables.

Mix things up and try some of these uncommon vegetables in your garden this year:

  • Salsify: Also known as the oyster plant, salsify is a cool-season root vegetable that grows like a carrot and has a flavor very similar to an oyster. Though its roots are edible, salsify is usually cooked and boiled for soup recipes or as a healthy snack.
  • Sunchoke: A member of the sunflower family, sunchoke is a tuber vegetable and its nickname, Jerusalem artichoke, indicates its artichoke-like flavor. Sunchokes are cool-season crops, as they are normally harvested from October to April, and are a great source of iron.
  • Celeriac: This root vegetable, which is sometimes called knob celery or celery root, may resemble celery in both its name and look, but it is most comparable to the potato. However, the biggest difference between the two vegetables is that Celeriac consists of very little starch and is often used as a substitute for potatoes in many recipes.
  • Romanesco: Romanesco is an edible flower that is uniquely shaped, looking like a crossbreed of broccoli and cauliflower, and maintains a bright green color. Cooked in a variety of ways (steamed, boiled, etc.) romanesco is used to replace of cauliflower in many recipes as they are similar in taste.
  • Arugula: Arugula, otherwise known as rocket, is a popular green found in many dishes and salads, and has a peppery taste. It grows very quickly and easily, and flourishes in rich soil and cooler conditions, so it's best to plant in early spring or at the start of fall.