Spring Garden Checklist

Before spring officially begins, it's important to prepare for all of the lawn and garden projects you have planned for the coming months. Get your backyard projects off to a good start by using this checklist of spring project tasks to help you get organized and stay on track for a beautiful growing season.

  • Are all the leaves and twigs off of your lawn? Pick up any remaining leaves and twigs to avoid any fungal spores that can hinder new growth.
  • Start weeding as early as possible. Weeds tend to sprout before garden plants and can establish a root system early.
  • Put aged manure or compost into your garden soil during the early spring months.
  • Clean and repair your lawn furniture.
  • Do you have any perennials that you'd like to move or trade? Set up a trade with your fellow gardeners.
  • If you're in a zone that still has snow on the ground, start your spring flowers indoors.
  • Start pruning dormant shrubs and trees.
  • Repair fences, arbors or trellises that could have broken over the winter.
  • Check for pests early and often.