DIY Garden Marker Ideas

Maintaining the growth and health of your plants and vegetables is a given for any gardener, since various plants require a specific type of care. However, navigating through your garden during its beginning stages can be difficult since many plants are still growing and are hard to distinguish from each other. This can also potentially be an issue if you're growing vegetables of the same family closely together or if you're growing an herb garden.


Garden markers are a simple solution to help you properly identify vegetables and other plants throughout your garden. Even though you can purchase garden markers online and at local nurseries or retailer stores, it's more fun to create DIY garden markers as a way to add your own personal touch.

Here are some DIY garden marker ideas and materials you can use in your garden:

  • Use markers to write the names of veggies on wide wooden craft sticks or paint stir sticks. You can also apply chalkboard paint to each stick, so you can reuse the plant markers for an indoor garden.
  • Repurpose used wine corks by writing the name of a specific plant on the cork and then piercing them with a wooden skewer or sturdy stick. Be sure the stick or skewer isn't too thin, as they may break in inclement weather.
  • Select appropriately sized rocks or old bricks, and paint the name or a picture of the plant on them. These types of markers are great for areas that experience strong winds and storms since they are heavier and more durable.
  • Draw fun designs or write the name of plants onto clothespins, and then clip them onto a tall stick you can place in your garden. This is ideal for smaller gardens or container plants as these plant markers don't take up a lot of space.