Adding Curb Appeal to Your Vegetable Garden

Article written by Saturday6TM blogger Kenny Point from Veggie Gardening Tips

With their growing popularity, vegetable gardens are showing up in a host of new locations - from front yards and community plots, all the way to the grounds of the White House. Gone are the days when gardeners were able and content to hide their vegetable plants in some forsaken portion of the landscape. Fortunately, edible gardens can be just as interesting and attractive as any flower or ornamental garden. Here are some tips to help your vegetable garden really shine this growing season:

1. Plant Ornamental Edibles. From the rich colors of purple beans or striped tomatoes to the wavy leaf edges of ruffled lettuces, there are many striking varieties of vegetables that will decorate the garden, as well as the dinner table.

2. Keep it Organized. Try growing in intensive garden beds rather than traditional garden rows. Plants just look better when planted together in blocks and garden beds allow you to better utilize growing areas to increase production.

3. Apply Organic Mulches. Mulches such as straw or wood chips offer an appealing contrast between the plants in your garden and help prevent weed growth in pathways. Avoid mulching with hay as it may introduce weed seeds.

4. Add Flowers to the Mix. Flowers are perfect companions to the vegetable garden and provide the added benefit of attracting beneficial insects. You can even grow edible flower varieties like nasturtiums, borage and calendula.

5. Raise Some Fruit. Berries are tasty and colorful, and plants such as blueberry bushes add year-round interest with their flowers in spring, berries in summer, brilliant red foliage in the fall, and display color tinged branches during winter.

6. Introduce a Focal Plant. An exotic looking artichoke plant, a stand of Tuscan Black Palm leaf kale, or a bushy Mexican Sunflower plant in full bloom will draw attention and create interest in the midst of your garden.

7. Grow Vertical. Climbing vegetables allow you to utilize vertical growing space and incorporate trellises and supports that enhance the appearance of the garden. Climbers include beans, cucumbers, squash, melons, tomatoes and more.