How to Plan and Create a Themed Vegetable Garden

A themed vegetable garden is typically created by selecting vegetables and other plants that complement each other. Themed gardens can be inspired by a favorite recipe, commonly used ingredients, a certain destination or by culture ' the choices are endless.

But turning your ideas into reality can sometimes be overwhelming, leaving you to question where to even start. Here are a few tips on how to plan and create a themed vegetable garden of your own.

Pick a Space

The space you choose to begin your themed garden should have ideal vegetable growing conditions ' rich soil, sufficient space and an environment that provides protection from extreme weather conditions like wind and rain. Like all plants, vegetables also need ample sunlight and shouldn't be over watered. It's also important to make sure you select an area that's located away from sloped terrains, and established trees and shrubs to allow roots to establish and retain nutrients properly. If you're limited on space, a themed garden is still possible. You can create a salad garden, with lettuces, radish and thyme in a space as small as 36" in diameter.

Pick a Theme

Your themed garden should reflect your creativity and the plants you wish to grow. Some garden themes tap into cultures ' like a Mexican-themed garden that includes bell peppers, cilantro and corn ' while others focus on specific family favorite recipes ' like a pizza garden that consists of tomatoes, onions and basil. Growing vegetables that are your favorite color or that only peak during a specific season are just a few other ways you can determine a theme for your garden.

Garden Maintenance

Knowing how to maintain and care for each plant in your garden is knowledge you can't afford to disregard, since this will help keep plants healthy and help you determine the best time to harvest vegetables. Growing different veggies at once requires knowledge of each plant's growing season and the proper harvesting practices ' how much space they need to grow, how and when they should be picked, and how often they need to be watered. Make sure to research each vegetable's expected sprouting time to maintain both the look and health of your themed garden to keep vegetables from becoming overgrown and rotten.