Why you need a single-stage snow thrower

Winter can be rough for many reasons. The conditions alone can make this time of year difficult, but with the addition of snow clean-up, this season can seem like a never-ending road- especially if you don't have the right equipment to get you through every snow flurry and storm. 
Snow throwers are ideal go-to tools when there is significant snowfall that needs to be cleared - beginning at 3 inches - as they easily remove snow from driveways and walkways. They can alleviate exertion of the back, legs and arms that is often a result of shoveling. 
However, before the cleanup begins, it's important to make sure you're equipped with the right snow thrower. Variables like yard size and snowfall type your location normally receives should be assessed before you evaluate which snow thrower is most appropriate for your cleanup needs. 

While three-stage snow throwers and two-stage snow throwers are suited for heavier, deeper snow and used for mid- to large-sized cleanup spaces, single-stage snow throwers are commonly used for accumulations of 3-9 inches for small- to mid-sized cleanup spaces.  
Lightweight and maneuverable, single-stage snow throwers like the Squall 123R, 179E, 208E and 208 XPTM function off an auger paddle that pulls snow into the unit and propels it up and out of the chute in one, single motion, wiping the ground clean and leaving very little snow behind. Keep in mind that single-stage throwers should only be used on solid pavement; use on gravel or stone can damage the unit and result in personal injury.
Outside of the mechanics, consider these benefits of using single-stage snow throwers from the Squall line, so you're prepared for whatever winter throws your way:
  • 21-inch clearing widths for optimal cleanup coverage 
  • Deep-tread wheels for better traction on slippery surfaces
  • Low-maintenance airless tires that lessen frequency of replacements
  • Lightweight design for easier navigation through the snow
  • Compact design for storage in tight spaces
  • 4-cycle OHV Troy-Bilt engines that eliminate the need to mix oil and gas
  • E-Z Chute manual pitch control that easily adjusts the direction of snow discharge up to 190 degrees (included on all Squall models except the 208 XP)
  • Push-button electric start to eliminate pulling a starter rope (included on all Squall models, except the 123R)
  • Dual LED headlights for added visibility in low-light conditions (featured only on the 208 XP)