Mum-Free Fall Garden Ideas

When you think of fall flowers, what's the first type that comes to mind? For most people, the answer is most likely mums - a popular go-to flower for their ability to lighten up the autumn scenery with their rich colors. And while mums are beautiful, traditional and seemingly perfect for fall, it may be time to think about shaking things up with something different. 
Excluding mums, there are a handful of other fall garden ideas you can experiment with to capture the essence of the fall. Consider these mum-free garden ideas to give your yard a new look this season.


Include evergreens

Choose a variety of evergreens to plant around the edges of your yard. Not only do they fit in naturally with other plants and provide a beautiful backdrop for other brightly colored flowers, they also create a barrier for a sense of privacy.


Add structures

Even though most people think of plants, flowers and vegetables when they think of gardens, they can also consist of structures. Thoughtfully placed structures can add dimension, enhance the overall look and feel of your garden, and add personality to your space. Consider adding a pergola, statue, water feature, fence or stone wall to add elegance and style to your outdoor space.

Think outside the mum

There are countless flowers and plants that will work well this season in your garden besides mums. Get more use of your garden this fall by planting and growing multi-season plants that will last and look great all year. Some great multi-season plants include pagoda dogwood, reblooming hydrangeas and ninebark. 
Even though mums are beautiful, there are many other ways to outfit your yard this season. Ditch the autumn classic and opt for something new and fresh this year.